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Kyle Goodrich
Denver, None

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I find maps fascinating as an art form and, arguably, as the first medium of artistic abstraction.  Maps portray information in a visually appealing manner that is meaningful to the user without literal representation.  It is an absolute necessity for a map to simplify a significant amount of information in order to make it digestible and get the intended message across.

With the advent of Google Earth, MapQuest, SatNav, and the like, cartographic information is omnipresent.  I spend a great deal of time digitally traveling the globe, zooming in and zooming out, looking at the landscape from above.  I find the patterns in the natural world, the man-made realm, and the interaction between the two particularly compelling.   

My work explores the parallels and divergences between natural and man-made formations. My eye and hand conspire to seek out spatial relationships, whether real or imagined, embellishing some, diminishing others, creating new and obscuring old until there is satisfactory balance.


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